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4.3-inch color screen serial HMI


In order to facilitate the convenience and simplicity of the use of color screens for our customers, the company’s R&D team has newly developed a 4.3-inch color screen serial HMI connection method. The serial HMI is the device encapsulated the bottom function of the HMI and communicates with the user through the serial port (USART 232). The MCU interacts. For example, the MCU can notify the device to switch a certain page or change the properties of a certain component at any time through USART. The device can also notify the user through the USART at any time that the MCU operator has touched a certain component on the page or the device has entered a certain page.

For developers, serial HMI is the simplest display solution. First of all, it has no requirements for the user's hardware like the MCU bus screen, and secondly. It has no speed bottleneck, because the display of the interface is implemented by the device itself, and the user MCU just sends instructions without the need for underlying drivers. Again, for the layout of the displayed man-machine interface and most of the logic (such as interface background, button effects, text display, etc.). All do not need the user's MCU to participate. Use the upper-level software provided by the device and just click the mouse on the computer to complete. After making the resource file, download it to the screen and it can run automatically. The rest is USART interaction (the user MCU can modify the content on the interface through simple object operation instructions during operation).

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