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Shenzhen Chuanglixin Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of LCD screens and LCM LCD modules. It is a high-tech enterprise that integrates the research and development, production, and sales of LCD displays and LCM LCD modules.

The products are widely used in fields such as instruments and meters, attendance and access control, household appliances, communication equipment, industrial equipment, and automotive electronics. Our products sell well in Europe, America, Central Asia, Africa, and other regions.

Main products: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): TN, HTN, STN, FSTN type LCD screens

LCD display module (LCM): character LCD module, graphic dot matrix module; Segment module, TFT LCD screen, OLED display screen.

Character module: 0802 LCD display screen, 1601 LCD display screen, 1602 LCD display screen, 1604 LCD display screen, 2002 LCD display screen, 2004 LCD display screen.

Graphic LCD module: 12232 LCD screen, 12832 LCD screen, 12864 LCD screen, 16032 LCD screen, 19264 LCD screen, 160128 LCD screen, 24064 LCD screen, 240128 LCD screen, 320240 LCD screen.

TFT display screen (0.96-10.1 inches. Supports RGB/SPI/MMCU/Mipi interface customization)

OLED display screen (0.42-5.5 inches, long-term supply in bulk)

LED backlight (white, yellow, green, blue, orange, red, RGB, customized)

Our goal is to continuously provide customers with satisfactory products, gain their trust, and become long-term cooperative friends with them.

Focusing on customizing LCD display products

Provide customers with PCBA production and processing

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